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“The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.”

A mom. A wife. A self-taught entrepreneur. My name is Sara Reed, and I’m a Texan! Dallas to be precise. No, I don’t own any cowboy boots because Louis V. doesn’t make any. Totally kidding. They make a pair with cheetah print (yay!) that curl in the toe (boo). Besides, not everybody in Texas wears boots and rides a horse.

I’m actually a transplant from New York. I dropped out of high school. Then college. I was uninspired growing up and a big-time underachiever. It took some amazing people in my life to help me turn it around and realize my potential.

Today, I’ve built a seven-figure online business. I taught myself how to use social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to maximize my influence, and sometimes I don’t even recognize my life!
I believe that anything is possible. I kind of feel like I’m living proof of that. If you’re ready to apply yourself and learn new things, I can teach you how to carve out a life that you won’t recognize either.

Recent Blogs

No Rules in Recruiting

All is fair in love and war…and network marketing. You do what you can to survive in all three, and nobody owes you a thing. There are no rules, either. Just because you liked somebody first doesn’t mean they belong to you. This isn’t a 7th-grade crush. If your friend...

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How to Know When to Quit Your 9-5

Let’s be real. Network marketing is a side hustle for 99% of the people who work it. They join a company and start selling products because they want to make some extra money. Most people don’t start out thinking that they will be able to quit their 9-5 jobs some day....

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Repurposing Content to Save Your Sanity

One of the biggest challenges online influencers and business owners face is creating MEANINGFUL and VALUABLE content. We are always asking ourselves what to do next. The challenge increases when you consider that the most successful online brands are the ones that...

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